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The Art and Photography of Kevin Carbone

My interest in charcoal and oils (now acrylic) began with the smell of linseed oil in the house. My grandmother used her time painting. One year, I received a great book, Arthur Zaidenberg's "Anyone Can Draw" along with charcoal pencils and paper. I learned so much from that book. Then, I explored acrylics instead of oils. i am sure I was around age 10. I had other interests, rock collecting, plastic model cars and airplanes. Some of my first Kodak Brownie photos were family and model cars. Then, growing up, off to Villanova University with a Practica but soon learned to be a "real" photographer, bought a used Crown Graphic 4x5 and was a staff yearbook photographer. Also learned the "dark room". After graduation and beginning my engineering career, joined the company photoclub where everyone competed shooting a classic wine glass on a sand dune at the beach. Received my first award. Also joined classes on photographing the nude. Now had two Nikon F's and a compliment of filters and accessories along with an Omega B22 Enlarger in a darkroom in the basement. My engineering career took over and photography became your typical family photos and once in a while some nature stuff.

I had a great career in Defense & Intelligence work. Also became a professional educator teaching "Hands On Microprocessor Hardware, Software, and Interfacing". That was a 4 day seminar at motels and did about four sessions a year along with lots of USA travel...and with the camera of course. Even received a Patent for converting dot-matirx printers into scanners. (During my demos to great "visionarys", they commented, "Who would ever want to put pictures into a computer?" Yes, folks, you are entitled to laugh.)

I was not much of a people photographer but loved nature, birds, flowers, scenics, and so on....typical stuff. At the same time, I exploited my artsy side and painted some very creative works. One of such works is "Candle And Egg". This, after viewing some of Salvator Dali's works showing his liquid watches.

I also developed a line of software products including wedding invitation software and did quite well for two years untill I was copied. But doing well, bought a Piper Arrow and learned how to fly. At the same time, met Ralph who was returning to his skills as an open-wheel race car driver along with a vintage Chevron B19. Then he bought two Atlantic Cars and two Indy Lights. I was crew primarilly for the PI computer on the Indy Lights. And, while I have been to Watkins Glen, Bryar Motorsport, Virginia International Raceway, and others, my home track is Summit Point Raceway and I have a full time media pass.

So you will see on this opening page, my creative photography and within those pictures, also some of my works in acrylics. The latter include a one year effort to make a copy of Harnetts "After The Hunt", a "trompe l'oeil. Growing up in the 60's, the "cold war" caused me to paint "The End of Humanity". My first real abstract was "Farm", a vision of some fields with a football shaped lake, and then "Two Fleas Having Intercourse".

I will continue to capture flowers, scenics, people, buildings and so on. But I also live atop the BlueRidge immersed in the woods. Thus I have the dead wood of fallen trees. I haul the dead wood, buck it, and use a log splitter, and end up with a cord or two of firewood which I burn in two 200 year old antique stoves. However....

...the woods, damp, have all kinds of fungus, bugs, worms, and wood that is beginning to rot. One day, splitting firewood, I exposed worm trails, along with partly rotted wood. What I discovered was mother nature doing her own works of art inside rotting wood. I had to grab my camera an start preserving that beauty. I also had a wood deck with, you guessed it, knots. Guess I might be a pervert since I started looking at knots as surreal copies of a part of the female anatomy.

But one day, I went to the National Gallery of Art in DC, to shoot some photos of great works of art and sculpture. Hours of touring, I ended up in a final gallery and was nearly at the exit when I noted what looked like a painting of a pile of wood. I moved to get a closeup view and found a true work of art. It was a photo of driftwood taken by Paul Strand. (He, along with Dorathea Lange, was hired by Roosevelt during the "depression" to record American History photographically.) As a result, you will find that I am currently experimenting with pieces of wood that nature alone turns into works of art....from my perspective...while you have my permission to dismiss as the brain of an aging "jerk of all trades" sees worm trails as works of art.

A. Kevin Carbone, PhD, this year of 2017

Please enjoy an eclectic view of my diverse range of interests.
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